2019-2020 English Ambassador

日期: 31/08/2020

Chief English Ambassador: Students’ Reflections
4A Mok Cheuk Ki Colin
  Hi everyone! This is Colin Mok, the Chief English Ambassador of this year. I still vividly remember I interviewed the school Vice Principal Miss Ip during the morning assembly at the beginning of the school year. The interview was about positive education and Miss Ip shared with us her views on how everyone in our school could lead a flourishing life through positive education.
  It was a brand-new experience to me since I had never interviewed any teachers before. Before the interview, I had to write an invitation letter to Miss Ip and prepare all the questions I needed to ask. It was just like applying what I have learnt in lessons to this mission. Surprising as it may sound, I wrote many versions of the letter before I sent it out, just to make sure that every word I wrote is appropriate. At last, the interview went very well and I have a deeper understanding of positive education. Of course, I have also learnt how to conduct an interview properly.
4A Lok Leung
  ‘We had a fabulous year!’—I can say it out proudly as the Chief English Ambassador (EA) this year. At first, Colin (my best partner in EA team) and I were really unsettled and nervous about planning and carrying out all the English activities for my schoolmates this year. It is the first time for us to be a leading character in POMA family. We are no longer the naughty boys but the leaders in POMA. Many issues and challenges are waiting for us to deal with. Challenging as it seems, we have had fun during all EA meetings and the sense of accomplishment after holding all sorts of English activities is beyond words.
  To me, organising a Barbeque Party for my dearest EA team members is the most precious memory. Getting their attention and creating a lively atmosphere are very tough work to do as everyone was so excited in the party. I had to prepare my speeches, thinking about what games to play, what rules to set, avoiding trouble, you name it! Although I may have done something wrong that day, I will still call it a mission accomplished.
  In the end, I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has lent me a hand before and given me a push when I felt blue. It really means a lot to me. Thank you!